Project Description


Perdu knew early on that he wanted to work his magic behind the decks. While he’s still at a tender and fresh age, his portfolio is already quite impressive. He started out at small parties with long sets, from which he has grown to play at big events such as Soenda Festival, Percolate London and Atlas Festival. With a wide range of music from all over the globe, he searches for the sweet spot in every set. Next to collecting and dj’ing, he spends his days in the studio.
Where he first started with the edit-ing of tracks, he soon created his own style and tracks. This evolved into his very first EP “Mystical Choices”, released on the NY label “Let’s Play House”. After experimenting with new gear in the studio, Perdu made the next step to Optimo’s new label. He released his Alteration EP on Optimo Digital Danceforce on the 7th of December.