Project Description


Everything today, basically, is just an edit. With music being the basis of a relationship that goes way back in time, L’Atelier is here to stay. Paul Veen en Gijs van Willigen are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and use their love for music, starting with Hip Hop, to do what they do best: make people dance.
Both coming from different corners of house music and taking their own road towards the present makes L’Atelier a duo with an own new sound. Various influences created and shaped this sound. A sound that evolves and grows every day. With their first tracks being finished quite some time ago, it was De Sluwe Vos’ label VEEE Music that released their first track “Ca Banera” in the beginning of 2011. Another remix followed on the same label that picked up quite some support and air play on national radio. Being with Kreativ Productions for over 3 years ended up with residencies at Studio 80, Club NL and Chicago Social Club. Their DJ sets at multiple, different venues throughout the country and abroad made them one of the new homecoming talents from Amsterdam.
Since 2013 L’Atelier found love and a new home at ZeeZout. This year also marked the release of their remix on Gerd’s 4lux label. After this they released their first vinyl record together with LIFE on MARS. Jamie Trench picked up as well and invited the boys over for their first full EP on vinyl on his Roots for Bloom records. The Cobalt EP went on to sell over a 1000 physical copies. In 2015 dear friend Ghetto Chords asked them to start and run a record label together which resulted in just edits.
The label has released Tommy Theo’s summer anthem Ain’t He Bad!? and featured Kid Sublime and Chicago Legend Stacy Kidd on remix duties. The residencies and releases took flight and brought them abroad playing gigs at Dimensions Festival, Lyon, Dublin, Paris and Tbilisi. What sets L’Atelier apart is their sense of flow, if you’ve ever seen them spin, you know that what separates them from the rest of the pack isn’t just their skills, but their limitless energy!